Paper and Tissue Industry

Where often do people use paper? As we can see and observe everywhere, paper is used mainly for writing and for printing newspapers, book, magazines, and others. However, when processed, paper could actually be used in making many more items and materials such as food packaging and tissue paper. Speaking of tissue paper, there has been a question if tissue is becoming a safe haven for the global pulp and paper industry.

Come March 21-23, 2018, there will be a tissue industry paper expo and conference in Miami, USA. Prominent paper companies and tissue industry players are expected to attend, and this trade show is not to be missed if you are concerned about the future of the industry. Visit the official event site here:

Next, Pirkko Petäjä will tell us more about it. Let us read in his article below.

Is tissue becoming a safe haven for the global pulp and paper industry?

Paper and board is in global transition both geographically and by product segment. The industry is shifting from North to South and from West to East and also from graphic papers to tissue and packaging. As an example; tissue has passed newsprint in global volume already some years ago.

The decline in mature markets driven by the fall of especially newsprint and the printing and writing paper (graphic paper) consumption is more than offset by the strong growth of all paper and board in the emerging markets. Global transition of the grades is due to the fact that especially tissue and packaging paper consumption both in mature but especially in the emerging markets is expected to grow. Read more here.

Tissue production has really increased all over the world so it also means that the consumption has also really increased to the point that even exceeded newsprint. Now, let us read some reports about the latest news about tissue industry. Tissue Mag will give us a list of some of them.

Latest news about tissue industry

Latest news about tissue industry: Read more here.

That was a whole lot of list about the tissue industry. Some reports are about four successful start-ups of Voith XcelLine tissue machines at Lee & Man in 2017, paper and cardboard packaging coming out on top in new consumer survey, Australian tissue producer Encore Tissue started up a new Toscotec TT SYD at its Laverton North mill and many more.

Now, Peter Berg and Oskar Lingqvist will tell us about transformational change on pulp, paper, and packaging in the next decade.

Pulp, paper, and packaging in the next decade: Transformational change

If you thought the paper industry was going to disappear, think again. Graphic papers are being squeezed, but the industry overall has major changes in store and exciting prospects for new growth.

From what you read in the press and hear on the street, you might be excused for believing the paper and forest-products industry is disappearing fast in the wake of digitization. The year 2015 saw worldwide demand for graphic paper decline for the first time ever, and the fall in demand for these products in Europe and North America over the past five years has been more pronounced than even the most pessimistic forecasts.

But the paper and forest-products industry as a whole is growing, albeit at a slower pace than before, as other products are filling the gap left by the shrinking graphic-paper2 market (Exhibit 1). Packaging is growing all over the world, along with tissue papers, and pulp for hygiene products. Although a relatively small market as yet, pulp for textile applications is growing. And a broad search for new applications and uses for wood and its components is taking place in numerous labs and development centers. Read more here.

If you are one of those people who think that the pulp and paper industry is already leading to an end, then you are wrong. It is far from coming to an end because it is an important industry. In fact, it is even growing, but at a slow pace. Though tissue production has exceeded newsprint, its production will still continue to grow. They are important to many forms of businesses that is why it will continue to run no matter what.