Looking for a wish list for WWE 2K17? Well you are not the only one! World wrestling entertainment also popularly known WWE is hands down the biggest game of this century. It has been around for more than half a century now and is one of the most adored sports by the people. There no age barriers as far as the followers of WWE are concerned. People love it regardless of age, caste, creed and color!

Wish list for WWE          

As far as the wish list for WWE 2K17 is concerned, there are many features that are included in the wish list for the coming year. Each passing year is more exciting for the wrestling federation then the previous one and it is expected that 2017 will be a year like no other. So what are the features that make this wish list super exciting and remarkable? Keep reading and find out.

  1. Life gameplay

Life gameplay indicates towards the realistic feel of the game. This helps to give a more real-life feel to the game.

  1. Exclusive moves

Wrestlers are known for their exclusive signature moves. For example people can never get over Triple H’s pedigree or Kane’s Tombstone. So special focus will kept on the moves of these wrestlers in 2017 to create as much interest of the viewers as possible. The signature moves are the identity of the superstars in the long run.

  1. In-house commentary

If there is one thing that adds to the overall excitement to a game of wrestling if the commentary of the game! People love watching their favorite wrestling superstars play and outclass commentary is what captures the attention of the viewer’s more than anything else.

  1. Story line

Story line is very important as far as the career pathways of superstar wrestlers are concerned. It is expected that the story line and plot about the topnotch wrestlers will be very enticing in the coming year.

  1. Crowd interaction

One very important thing that the people want to see this year is crowd interaction! The arenas of WWE are jam-packed with people and it is actually thought that the people that come into enjoy WWE are one of the highest most spectators in the world. So it is important that the wrestlers and other officials interact with the crowd for a deeper connection.