Important Features Of A Good Reusable Face Mask

Reusable masks on the table

What Type Of Fabric Masks Is Suitable For The Face

How long you comfortably stay with a reusable mask often depends on the type of fabric. How well the mask fits matters. However, if the fabric is unsuitable, you will still start showing signs of discomfort a short while after putting on the reusable mask Singapore. 

Fabric masks are preferred for various reasons. They are stylish, offer flexibility when it comes to colours, are good for the environment, and offer sufficient protection against harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Unfortunately, not all Singapore reusable masks are made from high-quality fabric. When buying a cloth mask, you need to consider the type of fabric. Although an attractive fabric is important, it also needs to be functional. 

The Fabric Should Be Breathable.

If you have no option but to wear a reusable mask Singapore for a long time, the least you should do is make sure you choose one made from a breathable fabric. This will ensure you are comfortable for longer. 

One of the downsides of the disposable face mask is that one gets sweaty underneath the mask and may be tempted to remove the mask for a little relief. With a breathable mask, you need not worry about this, especially given Singapore’s high temperatures. 

Cotton and other slightly thick materials are often preferred when it comes to the breathability of the Singapore reusable mask. To test the fabric’s breathability, hold it up towards the light. If the individual fibers are visible, then that fabric is not the best choice. 

It Should Have Good Filtration Power.

A reusable mask Singapore is not just a fashion statement. It also needs to protect you from harmful viruses and bacteria, especially the coronavirus. Unfortunately, some people forget this was the primary purpose of the face mask, especially those who make their cloth face masks. 

A layered reusable face mask offers you greater protection than a single-layered face mask. Light fabrics offer between 10-20% protection, while thicker, layered fabrics provide up to 90% protection. 

The Fabric Should Withstand Several Washes.

The primary reason more people are opting for the reusable mask Singapore is that they can wash and reuse it multiple times. A fabric that wears out after a few washes is not ideal. Additionally, the fabric should maintain its fit with each wash. If the face mask shrinks or expands after a wash, then it is not ideal. 

The fabric should also endure regular wash. Any special washing demands make maintenance difficult, especially if you wish to have a mask to wash as you do your clothes. When buying a Singapore reusable mask, pick one that you can easily wash and iron.

The Ear Loops Should Not Be Too Tight Or Too Loose.

The elastic ear loops of some reusable face masks are so tight that they start hurting your ears even when you haven’t worn the face mask for long. This can be a problem when you have to wear a face mask for hours. 

The ideal reusable face mask in singapore is one with adjustable straps at the back. This way, you can make the mask as tight as you wish. However, this should not compromise with its fit around your nose and chin. 

When you get a reusable mask with these features, then it is the perfect one. Remember, this mask is keeping you safe. However, you also need to be comfortable.