Advantages of Heat Transfer Printing

girl wearing a heat transfer black shirt

What Is Heat Transfer Printing?

Heat transfer printing is also commonly known as thermal printing, thermal-wax transfer, or thermal-transfer printing. Recently, thanks to technological advancement, it is also referred to as digital printing. During the printing process, the image or design is printed onto paper and then transferred to the fabric using heat and pressure. 

There are several advantages to the heat transfer print

It is Awesome For Different Custom Designs.

Do you want to use multiple designs on different parts of the t-shirt? Or do you wish to use the same design on different t-shirts with a few tweaks here and there? Heat transfer printing is a great choice. For example, when custom printing sports jerseys, digital printing companies in Singapore use heat transfer to print player names and numbers. 

It is Great for Complex Designs.

Heat transfer printing is not as restrictive as other print methods, such as screen printing. For example, you have no reason to worry about the image having multiple colours or that the design is too complex. As long as you have a high-definition image, then the print will look great. 

Great for Small Orders

The demand for custom printing has increased significantly in recent years. Not only do corporations require customised products for daily operations, but more individuals also prefer wearing personalised apparel. The demand for customised gift items has also been on the rise. 

Companies offering printing services, when overwhelmed with orders, may choose to handle bulk orders first. This may affect the delivery for those ordering a few customised items. Heat transfer printing is a solution for those who need a few customised t-shirts since this printing method is not ideal for large orders. 

Printing Equipment is Affordable.

The printing equipment for heat transfer printing is relatively inexpensive compared to other equipment needed for other types of printing. This is advantageous because companies offering heat transfer printing are more likely to charge a lower per print. 

Additionally, heat transfer printing is excellent for startups with limited capital. The equipment is not only cheaper, but they are also lightweight and don’t occupy much space. 

Confirm the Integrity of the Image Before Printing

Mistakes are not common in heat transfer printing because the image is first printed on paper. So, the quality of the image is first checked before it is transferred to the fabric. So, the company handling the prints has a chance to confirm that the design is as it should be before the heat transfer. This reduces the possibility of errors. 

Works on Different Types of Fabric

Unlike other printing methods which are confined to specific fabrics, heat transfer printing can be used on different types of fabric. Your priority should instead be focused on having high-definition images. This way, you have the freedom to buy a t-shirt you like without being limited to getting one that is most suitable for print. 

The Printing Process is Easy to Understand

Most people who request printing services do not understand what it entails. Some printing methods, such as sublimation printing, are a bit more complex to explain. Since the heat transfer print is easier to explain, more people are likely to consider it their preferred printing method. 


These are some of the advantages of heat transfer printing in Singapore. Before placing your custom print orders, it is best to know the pros and cons of each printing method. This way, you can choose the one that meets your needs.