Types Of Shower Taps In Malaysia

Shower tap and bathroom set spraying

What Are The Shower Taps Available In Malaysia?

The article explores different types of shower taps available in the Malaysian market. Each type has advantages as well as disadvantages associated. Selecting the right shower tap is a prerequisite for having a stylish bathroom.  So it is all about aesthetics, quality and affordability which makes the bathroom luxury in any household. 

Shower Taps For Your Home

Below is some knowledge about the types of shower taps so you could decide easily which type to purchase for your house.

The Wall-Mounted Bathroom Tap: 

This is one of the most famous types because it saves space and is easily available in the Malaysian market. The formation of the tap is very typical and as per your expectations. These are hanging out from the wall and hanging on the bathtub or a sink. Since all bathrooms have walls, thus you need not have to install anything new or change the bathroom setting etc. This type can be cleaned easily without having to remove them from their fittings. The drawback of the type is there in the wall fitting mechanism. If anything goes wrong with the fitting or the pipe, it will be a big hassle to amend the tap.

Freestanding Bathroom Taps:

This type is yet another of its type which is as per the wall-mounted model. The type is excellent in terms of its versatility and free handling. This type is liked by many people who wish to have authenticity to their bathrooms and want some classy look.

Deck Mounted Bathroom Tap Designs: 

This tap design is used for basins or sinks in the bathrooms. From the rim of the basin, there are tap holes which makes the foundation for attaching the taps with the deck mount.  This model is said to be most popular because these are easy to access and spraying water to the basin and the bathtub. 

Monobloc Bathroom Tap Designs: 

This type is especially for baths as well as basic having a single tap hole. These are also called mixers in layman term because it tends to combine both hot and cold water. You can maintain a balanced and uniform temperature and the flow of water in terms of its pressure. In any household where children regularly use a water tap, this type is preferable due to easy balancing. 

Pillar Bathroom Tap Design: 

These are the most stylish type of tap, which have separate valves for controlling water pressure and temperature. For bathtubs and basins with double hole systems. This double system means having separate valves for hot and cold water. 

Countertop Bathroom Tap Designs: 

These are tall taps, mainly mixers which are considered classic as well as stylish for every household. The design of the tap is rounded and are a good collection for the basin countertop. 

Shower/Bath Mixer Tap Design: 

As the name indicates, these are mixers that cover both handheld and bath filler showerheads. This is an excellent option for both shower and bathtub with all in one option.

Final Notes

The above mentioned are some of the commonly used shower tap designs available in the Malaysian market. You may consider some factors when selecting the preferred choice for your bathroom in Malaysia.