Key Pointers For Designing Customised Caps

man wearing a cap with a picture of an ice cream on it

How Do You Make Your Cap You?

If you love wearing caps, you no longer need to wear customised caps bearing other companies’ logos. If you wish to be a brand, you can create unique caps that can easily become a signature accessory that will speak for you even when you are silent. 

These pointers will help you prepare adequately before designing customised caps in Singapore. 

Which Type Of Cap Is Most Suitable For Your Brand? 

The different types of customised caps attract a different audience. Before customising a cap, even a style that you find appealing, ask yourself if it is suitable for your target audience. For example, the baseball cap is the most common one. 

People of all ages favour it. It is also a great customizable cap because all the surfaces can be printed. This is unlike the trucker’s cap, which has mesh at the back. The only spot for you to brand on the trucker’s cap is the front. 

Ensure The Print You Choose Is Ideal

A common mistake many people make when customising caps in Singapore is the assumption that the design they used on other items can be used on the caps. However, a different approach is necessary when it comes to customising caps. 

First, you will be working on a smaller surface. Secondly, embroidery is a different type of printing that is unique, and you need to plan how to go about it. For example, a simple design is likely to look better than a complex one. You will have a sleek finish if you opt for a design that is easy to identify over one that has complicated stitches. 

You should avoid very small designs since one would have to look closely to identify the brand. Even when you have a catchy slogan, it may go unnoticed if it is too small or if the print has too many colours. 

A customised cap is not just an accessory, but it can be a fashion statement. Having a print that complements the type of customised cap will undoubtedly draw people’s attention to your cap. This way, if you are attempting to communicate with them as you build your brand, you can easily do so with your personalised cap. 

Carefully Choose Your Preferred Style Of Embroidery.

Choosing the embroidery on your customised cap is probably one of the most important decisions you will make when customising caps in Singapore. Many people assume the embroidery on one custom cap is the same as the next. Well, in some instances, this may be true. However, when customising caps, you will be choosing from two types of embroidery. 

The 3D puff embroidery is basically three-dimensional, as the name suggests. This type of embroidery is most suitable for simple and sometimes big designs. 3D puff embroidery is also perfect for letters that have spaces at the centre. An example is the letter O. This type of embroidery is great for designs that need to stand out. 

Flat embroidery is the second type of embroidery often used on customised caps in Singapore. This type of embroidery does not dictate the best type of design, so you have greater flexibility when choosing the ideal design. 

Final Notes

Customised caps are cheap to produce, especially when making bulk purchases. However, you could easily lose all that money and be stuck with customised caps that will be of no use to you because they were poorly done. Having adequate plans when creating a design, such as the type of embroidery to use, will help you make the right decisions.