Tips On How To Style Your Custom Cargo Pants

Man wearing pants

Cargo Pants Can Be Trendy

Like other styles of the 80s and 90s, cargo pants are back! For millennials, cargo pants featured prominently in the 1990s. The baggy pants with a patch pocket on the side of one or both knees were trendy then. However, many may not see themselves wearing the same pants today. 

The design notwithstanding, the unflattering fits may be the deal-breaker for many. 

Fortunately, you can tweak the cargo pants to your specifications. Those who wore the pants in the 90s may not have had the choice to alter the design, but today they can. 

If cargo pants are new to you, but you wish to make changes to the original style, you can request custom cargo pants. You can style custom cargo pants in various ways. 

Remove The Front Pockets.

Cargo pants can be bulky, especially around the front pocket area. If you want to draw attention from this area, you can choose to completely do away with the front pockets. This way, you can have custom made cargo pants that are a perfect fit in the front pocket area. You may choose to retain the other pockets to allow you to carry some stuff without worrying about the bulge ruining your style.

Request Soft Pocketing

One feature that discourages people from buying cargo pants is the heavy pockets. The fabric is already thick. If you don’t intend to put heavy things in the pockets, you can request extra soft pocketing. This way, if you decide to add a zip to the pockets, the design can give an illusion of absent pockets, yet they remain hidden. 

Use Lightweight Fabric At The Waistband.

The waist of cargo pants tends to take longer to dry because it is bulky. If this is a challenge, you can opt for a softer, lightweight cloth at the waistband. This way, you can be comfortable without the bulky waistband. 

No Cuff At The Bottom

You can also request a plain bottom hem when ordering custom made cargo pants. They usually come with a cuff at the hem, but you can opt to do away with it. Instead, leave the bottoms plain if you are looking for a slim fit. This gives cargo pants a more formal look. 

Thicker Belt Loops

You can opt to give your custom made cargo pants character by requesting belt loops that are thicker than the standard size. This is a unique style that can draw attention to the belt area instead of the knee pockets. If anything, the thicker belt loops sort of complement the bulky pockets. 

Bulky pocket loops can also look great on slimmed custom cargo pants. They give the pants character and allow you to use a big belt if that is your style. 


There are so many ways to customise cargo pants. Since cargo pants come with so many features, you can alter them to achieve your preferred style. However, even as you plan ways to customize your cargo work pants, discuss the possibilities with the tailor to find out if there are any downsides to your suggestions.